Carla Silva, MS, PT, Co-Founder


Carla Silva, MS, PT

Carla, co-owner, is a physical therapist, exercise physiologist, and group exercise leader. She has been working in the fitness field since 1995 and in sports/orthopedic rehabilitation since 1999. In 1996 Carla graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell with a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology. She then went on to graduate from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell with a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 1999. It was here that she earned a clinical excellence award for her work in the field. Carla brings tremendous hands on skills as well as impressive exercise techniques to all her clients.  Carla is certified in the SFMA, FMS, Graston Technique, and dry needling.

Carla’s devotion to her career and her devotion to a healthy lifestyle allows her to lead by example. She has been competing in triathlons since 1998 and has been an aerobics instructor since 1995 (Carla spent time training with the Reebok step aerobics team). Since having her first child Jack in 2003 and her second child Morgan in 2007, Carla and her husband Michael have devoted their time to their family at home and the growth of  FOUNDATIONperformance.